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ACEI Services

The Arkansas Community Empowerment Initiative, is a community based organization created to serve local selective neighborhoods with high poverty, crime, and domestic violence rates, in which ACEI will use different programs, and consistent interactions to curve the existence of those elements that destroy neighborhoods, as well as communities.  


Empowering Purpose in Children  

E.P.I. C’s program agenda is to reach children within the community where they are, inspire them to explore their dreams, reach their goals of success, and empower them to become productive citizens. By instilling these values, we believe this will create positive examples of leadership all around us. E.P.I.C provides multiple and varied opportunities for participant engagement. E.P.I.C incorporates a two-generational approach, which provides holistic, wrap-around services to the participant families (to include siblings, parents/guardians and live-in family members) in addition to the youth himself. The components of the two-generational approach include deepened family engagement (home visits), incorporation of an intervention specialist and collaboration with other services offered by the Arkansas Community Empowerment Initiative. 


 C V I P

Community Violence and Intervention Program  

C.V.I. P’s program establishes rapport among individuals within our neighborhood or community to diffuse conflict tensions, and actively promote peace. By instilling these values, we believe this will create positive examples of leadership all around us. The Community Violence and Intervention Program is designed to increase the safety of the overall community by addressing violence in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner by directly reducing gang violence and providing holistic human services. CVIP addresses the various systemic and institutional barriers that gang-involved youth and their families encounter in their daily lives. CVIP considers the complex interplay between individuals, families, gangs, the community, and the societal factors that promote gang violence. CVIP specialist work with proven high-risk youth and known violent offenders to guide them away from violence and toward positive alternatives, and to restore a sense of safety and improve the outlook for identified communities. CVIP infiltrates, and identifies the core reason(s) of rising violence within neighborhoods, or communities, by being deeply involved socially. CVIP responds to gang, teen, or young adult neighborhoods, and family conflicts, which have contributed to most of violence in many areas of the city, and directly impact and reduce the violence, and crime plaguing surrounding communities.